Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Family Photo Shoot, 2008

It's that time of year again! Time for us to choose lovely outfits, and to drive to Meadowlark Gardens to spend time with our photographer, Hope Reynolds, to snap some lovely leaf-encrusted photos in the late afternoon sunshine. Last year, it was nearly 90 degrees during the shoot, and I thought I would melt. This time, it was a perfectly Fall-glorious 62! How exciting. I packed a bag filled with little pumpkins, blankets to sit on, and of course, snacks. Nana came along for the ride, and we met Craig and Hope at the Gardens, full of excitement and ready to go.

To say the evening was challenging would be a dramatic understatement. Fiona was teething (canines), and was in a horrible frame of mind. Everything irritated her--the leaves, being in the wagon, being out of the wagon, being held, being put down. It was a lose/lose with her from the get-go. Rory was very cooperative for the first 45 minutes, but as one would expect, lost interest in the shoot and gained interest in running around like a lunatic (it is a big park, after all).

I am not sure if poor Hope was able to capture all four of us in one frame (looking civilized) at all - we shall see!

Maybe the pick of the litter (impending pun intended) will be the shot of Fiona on my shoulders, reaching around to stick her finger up my left nostril. Another classic Mayhew photo!!

I will post a few shots as soon as we get them back. =>

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