Sunday, December 23, 2007

These steps are made for climbing!

And that's just what she did! Today, Fiona climbed up not one, but TWO steps. Time to bring out the baby gate and put a rude halt to her development. Sad, but true (though we will try to delay the gate's use a bit, as it is a huge impediment to us, as well).

Fiona was stalking a toy on the third step, and looked very pleased with herself when she got up there. Until she tumbled down, that is, only to be caught by her dad. Good thing, too, with the wood floor and all. Kidding, people, we have a rug down there, just for such emergencies.

This afternoon I suggested to Rory that she should pee in the toilet on Christmas Day. I'll be sure to report back if that happens. Not in gory detail; just a progress report (and certainly NO photos!).

Happy holidays!!

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