Sunday, December 16, 2007

Fiona is 10 months old!

Only two more months until the big numero uno! Fiona is ten months old, and is all over the place. She is a very fast crawler, pulls herself up on things lickety-split fast, and is a drooling machine. She claps, she babbles incessantly, and she recently attended her first two holiday parties. Fiona is now eating such delicious morsels as cheese bits, cheerios, freeze-dried fruit, and the like. It is time for her mom to start thinking about what other non-baby food items she can eat, so by the time she is a year she is eating just like her big sister. Well, maybe no spaghetti and red sauce just YET!

Fiona caught a plague right around the ten-month date, and off to the doctor we went. She has a mild ear infection and a case of bronchilitis (baby bronchitis), so we now have a nebulizer at home (though we have only used it twice - she is getting well on her own). While at the doctor, she was weighed and clocked in at 26 pounds! She is sturdy, to say the least. At my company holiday party, she spent most of the time with her legs exposed so people could squeeze her juicy thighs. There is no shame, though I would like to state that she didn't protest once. She must be used to it (ya think?).

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