Saturday, May 26, 2007

Two months away from TWO years old!

Rory is 22 months old today! Amazing. Seems like just yesterday!

Her verbal skills continue to expand at a frightening rate. Popular phrases include:

- "Here you go!" (this is used to mean both "here you go" and "give it to me")
- "Mama/Dada, what's this?"
- "No, no, no!" (I am sure this is unusual for toddlers ;->)

Words include (this list is not complete) porcupine, airplane, outside, yogurt, hot dog, milk (many food items - too many to list), sleep, elephant (sounds like "happy feet"), rhino, baby, Wee Fee, Fiyaya (her other name for Fiona), diaper, walk, and so on.

Rory is really sweet right now. When Lizzie left, we didn't put away her air mattress right away, and Rory loved it. She wanted Fiona to lie on it with her, and kept saying, "Wee Fee, lie down!" Then they'd lie there together, and Rory would kick her feet and go wild laughing. She likes her sister, and enjoys life.

Rory sings constantly, and it is my personal goal to videotape her singing, "Itsy Bitsy Spider." I think only like five actual words are used throughout, but it is hilarious!

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