Monday, May 14, 2007

Fiona starts daycare!

Today marks Fiona's start at daycare. She is attending The Children's Place in Herndon, and joins Rory, who has been here since she was six months old. The ladies who run the infant room, Khalida (in photo) and Nafissa, love these little babies, and reported that Fiona had a good day. She ate some, slept some (in her crib, which is helpful because not all kids sleep in cribs this early), excreted, and even learned a few things.

She told Mommy all about it on the way home. Apparently, they read "The Foot Book" and sang songs, and the ladies reported that Fiona was happy all day. She even did seven minutes of much-dreaded tummy time. In the "How did I feel today" section of her daily report, the ladies checked "Happy," "Playful," "Sleepy" (hah!), and "In a good mood." Excellent first start!

Tomorrow Rory will be back at daycare in the toddler room (she played hooky today to hang out with Nana), and drop-off and pick-up become more infinitely complex for Mom and Dad. More kids, more prep time, and more stuff to carry in! It should be interesting, and we are up to the challenge (we think!). =)

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