Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fiona is three months old!

And happy Mother's Day, 2007!

Fiona is all smiles these days, and talks and coos her heart out. She currently enjoys squeaky and shakey toys, books, and staring at all the things in her world which have only just come into focus. We think she is in love with the smoke detector, because she stares up at it with love in her eyes whenever she reclines in her bouncy seat.

Fiona is a very happy and mellow baby, and is a joy to be with. Rory is enjoying her, too, and likes getting up in her face and talking to her - Fiona smiles her head off every time, and Rory thinks that's pretty fabulous!

We had a nice, mellow Mother's Day, and celebrated with Kay/Nana/Craig's mom, who is in town for her annual Spring visit.

Fiona starts daycare tomorrow! More to come!

Pictures of Fiona's three-month birthday can be found at:

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