Wednesday, May 16, 2007

And me without my car seat...

And now for a little background. Craig and I have been transporting both kids to and from daycare for three days now. When Fiona was born, I invested in a new infant seat. The one we used with Rory was inherited from friends, and as the experts say you shouldn't use previously used car seats, so off I went to buy a new one.

Infant seats typically come with one base - it attaches to the car, and the sea
t clicks into it. The new car seat is a bit wider than the older model; we tried to fit the new seat onto the old seat's base to no avail, but didn't really worry about it much at the time.

With both kids going to daycare, we were faced with two different car seats. Craig drops the kids off in the morning and I fetch them at 4:30. He installed the old car seat's base in his Saturn, brings Fiona to daycare using the old seat, and I pick her up using the new car seat (which stays in my car, empty in its base, waiting to be occupied with a baby butt).

This plan works fine unless you forget to bring the empty car seat to your car, as I did today. I arrived at daycare, went in to get Rory in the toddler room, led her to the infant room to fetch Fiona, and realized that I didn't have the car seat in my arms. No worries. I could put Fiona into the seat while it was IN the car.

The troika left the building, and as we approached the car, I realized that the seat was not there. I felt the blood drain from my body. I called Craig, and he had to bring the seat to us. We just sort of hung out in the daycare parking lot, with the employees mocking us a bit, until he arrived. Our savior!

Tomorrow I am going to buy another base, and we will be leaving the infant seat AT DAYCARE. Every day.

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