Monday, May 18, 2009

TWO Rorys!!

This weekend, we attended a kid's birthday party at one of those new-fangled bouncy houses, a place where kids bounce and jump around on any number of potentially hazardous (and certainly disease encrusted) apparatii. I was watching Rory hurtle headfirst down a huge slide when I heard a woman summoning her daughter, saying what I heard as "Rory, come on, let's go over here."

Rory is such an uncommon name, let alone on a girl. I had to know if I had been aurally hallucinating. Later, I sidled up to the woman and inquired as to the name of her younger daughter (certainly she thought I was a freakshow stalker). Bingo! Two Rorys at the same party!

And the same age, even! My Rory is barely three weeks older than the other Rory. Even weirder is that they both have Elizabeth as a middle name. That little tidbit guaranteed that the other mother and I would take pictures of the two Rorys, who kept happily greeting each other with, "Hi Rory!" "Hi Rory!" "Hi Rory!" "Hi Rory!" It was very amusing. They hugged a bunch, too. =)

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