Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Funny Rory comment

Recently, a spider appeared on Fiona's side of the car, scaring her to pieces. She absolutely freaked out about it, which is very unlike her. The entire way home, Rory kept trying to comfort her by saying, "Don't worry, Fiona. I'll kill it when we get there."

How sweet. Maybe not too kind (to said spider), but I thought it was lovely of Rory to want to defend Fiona that way. Even by committing spidericide!

Note: the day after this incident, I saw said spider in the car. It was the size of a nickel, was hairy, and appeared quite menacing. Turns out it was also a jumper. I tried to capture it (capture being the first choice over murder), and it jumped away to hide. Sneaky little bugger. Later, my friend, Kevin, tried to crush it to death against my windshield using an Alex Ovechkin plastic hockey stick. Two minutes for roughing!!! We haven't seen it since.

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