Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pics from Cinco de Mayhew

Last night, we went to Picante, a delicious local Mexican joint, to celebrate our 7th anniversary. It was, as always, simply divine and we had a great time. They had live Mariachi players, to boot! On Cinco de Mayo, they also hand out free, homemade tamales, and we also got free t-shirts that say "I am Picante" on the back. Cool!

The children were hamming it up in these photos (how shocking), and get more precocious every day. Tonight, while putting her to bed, Rory asked me, "Why does Daddy's beard keep growing?" I guess he scratches her a bit - hah! I told her man beards grow all the time - nonstop. She seemed amazed. I should have told her he was growing a playoff beard!


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