Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How's THIS for terrifying?

He may kill me for posting this picture, but the good friend who sent it to me - Harlen - lives hours away from me, so I figure I will have time to run and hide if he heads down South for some butt whoopin'.

Yeah, that's me on the right. What, I didn't mention that I was a blonde all through college? Try not to let that emotionally traumatize you... maybe you find Harlen's glasses more disturbing. Craig thinks he looks like a beat artist (I vote "unabomber").

I'd like to point out that the lovely woman on the left, Kathleen, was gorgeous then - and is gorgeous now. It's tough being friends with people like her. You should see her kids. It's sickening, really. => In a nice way.

This was included in Harlen's email:
"When I picked 'A Passage to India' off the shelf a few weeks back, the attached picture fell from between the pages. Try as I might, after looking at it closely, I have no comment." HAH!

I feel like I look SO much better now (if you disagree, keep it to yourself). Not bad for almost 40!!

1 comment:

HJH said...

Laura Mulcahy Mayhew, you mud-sucking bridge troll, how dare you say that's me in the photo?!

Sure, Kathleen is beautiful, but I don't know any blonde Laura.