Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Family flashback time

We were out of town last week for Easter, so I have been too busy to post, and now I am up to my EARS (your ears if you're lucky!) at work. That said, I unearthed these photos on my work computer, and thought they'd be cool to share. The first one is of my sister, Liz, and I when we were young-ins. These pictures were taken at Flanagan's Pond in Glastonbury (I drove by the very same pond last week, and told Craig how we used to ice skate there all the time).

The second picture is of my dad and his sister (Toni) when they were kids - and a bunch of other family member. From left: Delphine (my grandmother - looking at an album), Emmet (my great uncle - behind Delphine, looking down), Lina (my great-grandmother), Toni (my aunt - looking down from behind), Joe (my great-grandfather), Mary (my great aunt), and my dad, Douglas (wasn't he adorable?).

What a classic family photo. I find that everyone looks classier and movie-star-esque in older photographs. I don't think *I* will look that good in photos viewed 60 years hence!

If I made any mistakes in my list, someone in the family needs to let me know. Stat! =>

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