Friday, October 26, 2007

A Week in San Francisco

I have been in San Fran all week, enjoying watching baseball on the West Coast - better start times! I am working at a tradeshow (CTIA - a mobile industry show) with my company, Sybase 365, and we have been having a great time. We had a Tuesday night party at a cool wine place in the city called Vino Venue, and the show is going well. That said, I miss the kids, Craig, and the kitties. And my feet are killing me - I keep referring to them as "bloody stumps," and finally resorted to wearing sneakers at the show.

I have visited with several friends while here, including Paul Scott Silvera and his BF, Keith (whose last name is pronounced "sure home" but is unspellable to me). We spent Sunday night together watching the Sox clinch the ALCS, and then I took Bart out to Oakland to visit with them, see Scott's store (Scout Hardware), and to see their faboo house and meet their uber-sweet dog, Raleigh. We had a wonderful dinner, and watched the Sox rout the Rockies. All was well with the world.

I also got to visit Alan Gibbs! We went to dinner with two coworkers, and had a lovely time. The Sox were playing (of course), so I kept delicately slipping away from the table to sneak into the restaurant's bar to check the score. Hopefully, Alan will find it in his heart to forgive this obsessive New Englander!!

Home soon!

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