Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fiona is 8 months old!

Today, Wee Fee turned eight months old. She is a very sweet baby, is a good eater (as you can no doubt see!), is practically crawling, pulls herself up on things (with assistance), and is very interactive. She is currently eating two 4 ounce jars of food a day (fruit/grain in the morning - or a yogurt, and veggies/rice at night), and drinks four 6-ounce bottles of formula every day.

Fiona has a very gentle, silly nature. She giggles a lot, is endlessly fascinated by Rory, loves staring at the cats, bounces in her exersaucer like a MADWOMAN, and likes to stand up at the coffee table and grab everything in sight. I call her "scrabbly paws," because she flings her exploratory little hands all around the table, looking for new, exciting things to wing around. Last night, I had her drumming. Rory came over and joined us - I see a family band in the future!!

For more pics, go to my Web site. There is a link to Fiona's 8 month photos near the bottom of the page.

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