Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fiona's tongue

Strange name for a post!

At Fiona's 4-month appointment, I told the doctor that she "sucks weirdly" on her bottle, often letting in tons of air at the sides. The doctor checked out her mouth, and declared her "tongue tied," meaning that the membrane under her tongue goes too far to the end of her tongue. Tomorrow, I am taking her to an ENT for an official look-see, and if they say it needs to be cut, it will be cut.

I hate the thought of inflicting pain on her sweet self, but the doctor says being tongue-tied can lead to speech delays, which would be a way worse thing to deal with, I believe. I hope it doesn't hurt her too much. I don't know if they numb it first, but I do know she doesn't have to be put under, and it can be done in the doctor's office.

I am glad to have Wednesday off, so I can be with her all day. Poor little minky!

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