Thursday, July 9, 2009

Inaugural Stitches!

On Tuesday morning, July 7, at about 8:15 am, Rory was horsing around and slid off the top of a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe, popping open the back of her head. She fell smack dab onto a 1960s-era Fisher-Price barn, bought to commemorate her one-year birthday. It's the barn with the doors that "moo" when you open them. Apparently there are rough corners on its gambrel roof, because Rory wound up with a 3/4" cut that required stitches.

So off we went to the local urgent care clinic for our first-ever kid stitches! She received four, one for each year of her life, and the doctor and nurses were wonderful with her. The nurse asked her how the accident had happened, and Rory said, "I fell off the top of the car." Then was when I intervened and said, "a toy car in the living room" (as opposed to the top of my car in the driveway... someone call CPS!).

Right before we arrived at the clinic, a woman had given birth right outside their doors... how exciting! The staff couldn't stop talking about it. As for Rory, she was great during the entire medical process, and only cried when they gave her some shots of novacaine in/around the cut. What a toughie!

When we were done, Rory, Craig, and I went to Panera, where Ror ingested her very first chocolate croissant. She inhaled it. Apparently getting stitches makes one very hungry. Then we bought her a huge SpongeBob balloon, and Auntie Liz said Rory could open her birthday present a bit early. It was a giant, colorful, stuffed dragon that we named Mu Shu. He helped make the day great!!

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essaywriter said...

Ouch! Poor kid, hope it heals up quick, quick, quick.