Sunday, July 26, 2009

And now we have a 4-year old!

It is an amazing thing, but we are now the proud owners of a four year old daughter. Zowie! Rory is thrilled to be four, and she woke up saying so. We had french toast for breakfast and opened some presents. She received fun mosiac art projects from Nana/Granddad, a Fraggle Rock DVD from Gramps & Liz R. & Uncle Pat, a giant stuffed dragon from Aunt Lizzie, and some live pet frogs from Grandma. We gave her a hippo Swatch, a book, and two DVDs. Fiona gave her some dinosaur Lego, which contains a T-Rex, Rory's favorite. The girls played T-Rex ("Mama!" "Baby!") all morning, running from end to end of the townhouse.

While Fiona napped and Grandma guarded her, Craig and I took Rory to see Up. Such a fantastic movie! The theater had a photo booth, so after the movie we jammed ourselves in and took some goofy birthday photos. Then the five of us went to Generous George's for pizza and dinosaur chicken. All this was followed by a hippo cake Grandma and I made. The girls delighted in dismantling the cake the *second* it was laid on the table. Hilarious! They even fed each other chunks of fondant.

What a girl Rory has grown into. She is funny, mostly fearless, hates loud noises (especially those emitted by her sister), loves pretend play, adores dragons and T-Rexes, could eat noodles until they came out of her ears, is addicted to books, loves it when I tell her bedtime stories, is a great (and mostly tolerant) big sister, and is very sweet and affectionate. Her current favorite movies include Peter Pan, The Land Before Time, Wall-E, and The Little Mermaid. Favorite books are whatever we're reading at that moment in time.

She is bringing gummy caterpillars into her class to share tomorrow. =)

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essaywriter said...

Happy Birthday to The Girl! Love the hippo cake. Can't believe she is 4 -- wasn't it just last summer she was an infant snoozing underneath the stereo speakers?