Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jell-O jigglers ROCK

With twice the sugar, half the water, and highly cut-able, how could they NOT be fun?


Harvest & Co said...

"Twice the sugar" and plenty of artificial ingredients is not necessarily fun... for your little ones and even for you if get to eat it on a regular basis.
Once in awhile is fun though :)
If you are seriously looking for healthy, fun stuff for your kids like an organic, kosher, vegan jelled fruit jiggly dessert, may I suggest you keep in touch with me by visiting

Captoe said...


Remind me to invite you and your organic jelled jiggly treat to the next kids party we throw.

Last time we had trouble getting them all to leave. ahem.

I just stopped by to ask if you made any "Pucky" whale shaped jigglers.

One of our former babysitters was Orthodox Jewish, (great lady,) and she made jigglers with the girls - she just didn't eat them.


p.s. May I suggest that you keep in touch with me by visiting

p.p.s. Welcome to blogging.

Mark said...

Wow, those sound (and look) FANTASTIC. Yum! And for anyone looking to ruin the fun, I mean, come's summer!!! Try to live a little. All things in moderation after all.

Can I have some Jell-O jigglers please??? I intend to make them the main part of my diet (...sarcasm...).

And you can keep in touch with me through all the usual means, since we actually know each other. Let's Go Caps!