Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meet "Darth Truck!"

So our good friend, Harlen, just got a new truck - DARTH TRUCK. But that's not the entire story. He used to have a red 2000 Toyota Tacoma. Toyota recently announced that there was a rust issue in its 1995-2000 Tacoma line, and Harlen finally got his "come in and get inspected" letter. He went in on Tuesday, and his truck failed (aka, was rusting out from under him).

When I say "it failed," I mean they wouldn't let him drive it off the lot. Harlen wasn't planning on buying a new truck that day; he had checked local inventory, and hadn't seen anything that was interesting to him, though he knew he'd stay in the Toyota family. But here is what happened.

For the 2000 Tacoma, which had 50,323 miles on it (he doesn't drive much), Toyota paid him $17,520 (about 1.5 times blue book). They threw in a $1,000 customer loyalty bonus, and then didn't tax him on the purchase price of Darth.

So in a nutshell, Harlen paid $6,500 for a 2009 truck with all the bells and whistles. Lucky, lucky day!

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Captoe said...

Yahoo for H.

I too want for a vehicle that sports a masculine sci-fi name. My minis are unnamed, and if you pressed me to name them, only names that suit cows, mules, and the ladies from "Little House.." would work.

Maybe I'll name the camera.