Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Roger's surgery - update

My stepfather, Roger, had surgery today for colon cancer that has been afflicting him for weeks now. The doctors started out thinking that he had a heart issue, but it turned out that his heart was as fine now as it was after the small heart attack he had 20 years ago. This time, it was colon cancer.

My mother called last night to tell me that they found cancer in the local lymph nodes, as well as all around the other lymph nodes inside of him. This is not good news. This basically means that Roger will just go home and wait to take his leave of us. I feel so bad about this - for us, for my mom, for Roger. Roger is very zen regarding his demise, so I am not worried about his mental state. I do worry about how much pain he will be in, and cross my fingers that the doctors will ply him with good meds.

I feel sad for our family - losing him will be very hard. Roger is funny, smart, curious about the world around him, always quick with a helping hand, and is a very sweet guy. I hope he fights it as long as possible, so we can selfishly have him around for as long as possible. I hope he is ready to have me videotape him to bits, because when I go visit them in Sedona, AZ, I will come armed with a video camera.

Please send him your thoughts and love.

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