Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

We love Halloween in our house! I decorate (a bit), we carve pumpkins, and this year - Rory's first real trick-or-treating expedition - we had her try on her costume a few days early, so she wouldn't be freaked out by it. She was a spider (she loves them), and Fiona was a chili pepper.

Here are a few photos:
one of Rory in her costume (hitting the streets); one of Rory, Fiona, and Nihal (our neighbor); and one of Fiona being spicy. Fiona's costume had quite a headpiece, which I wasn't expecting, and I almost fell over when we put it on. Hah!

Interesting note: after walking up and down the street once (gathering no candy), Rory spent Halloween Eve removing candy from the distribution bowl, and placing it into our jack-o-lantern (which we had cut a few days earlier). She would then carry it back, handful by handful, and put it back into the distribution bowl. I hope the neighbor kids didn't mind slimy candy!


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