Friday, March 23, 2007

The chronological triplets get together!

The visit with David (left) & John (right) - born on the same day (in the same hospital) as Rory - went well! The boys are extremely cute, and the three played together as well as can reasonably be expected for three 19-month olds. Kids this age don't play "together," per se - they basically play near each other, periodically snatching each other's toys and snacks.

It is wild to watch twins interact, because not only do they have their own language, they have already learned how to push each other's buttons. David grabs toys, and John tries to outsmart David by luring him away from a desired toy using another desired toy. Fascinating stuff! The chrono trips are about the same size, with Rory outweighing them by a few pounds - again, not uncommon for a singleton vs. multiples. The boys will outsize her soon enough!

Their mom, Dawn, seems to be the pinnacle of patience, breaking up fights and no doubt feeling like a broken record: "John was playing with that toy, David, now give it back to him" and vice versa. She puts them both into time out when needed, and I must say, I was amazed at how non-stressful having three kids the same age was. I certainly thought it would be... I dunno - maybe louder, crazier, more competitive. It wasn't that way at all, and I am excited to get the threesome together again.

Per her usual, Fiona snoozed through the entire visit. =>


Grand dad said...

We'll be watching from Massachusetts to see how this blog develops.

Tracy said...

What a fun playdate! I will have to compare notes with Dawn some day. I have had people tell me that my "situation" is harder than twins ... two pregnancies, two births, both of mine NOT doing the same thing at the same time. hah!!!