Monday, March 26, 2007

20 months old and counting!

T-minus two years! Rory is officially 20 months old today.

Some of her words (those requiring translation) include the following:

Ah-hoe = airplane
Feesh = fish
Appa = hippo
Ah-ghee = again
Nie-no = rhino
Baba = frog (don't ask)
Ah-poop = octopus (ditto)

Rory also says many words clearly, such as: hockey and puck (her mom is so proud!), cat, poop (a favorite, especially when combined with "dada," as in "poop, dada, poop!"), teeth, blink, nose, no, yes, please, book, shoe, mine (another popular toddler word), hug, and the like. She is quite a chatty little thing, and sings constantly. Constantly. Did we mention constantly? => She is very fun and silly, and we have a ball with her.

That's it for now! Four months to the big 2!

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Tracy said...

20 months?! Time sure flies! She is adorable! (Hey, we have that same turtleneck in our house ... can't remember who is wearing it, but we own it! hah!)