Monday, August 2, 2010

Camp Mayhew, Day 1

Hello strangers!

Long time no blog. My Masters classes at GMU ended about two weeks ago, and only now has my desire to blog returned. I have had no time to do anything since January, and blogging completely fell off the radar. But I am done with my GMU classes for the summer, my pulse is returning to normal, and my need for communication has been reawakened!

First update
: I am getting my M.Ed. to teach secondary school English. As we speak, my provisional license paperwork is in the hands of the Commonwealth, and my official documents should arrive soon. Then I can get a full-time teaching job! The license covers grades 6-12. I had an interview about 1.5 weeks ago at Farmwell Station Middle School (Ashburn) very "teacher-ish" throughout. That said, if they interview someone with similar credentials to me - but that person has had a year of teaching - they would likely be hired before me. What a cruel world!

Second update: Rory & Fiona are home with me for the entire month of August. I am calling it "Camp Mayhew," and we have plenty of fun activities and vacations planned! Today was Day 1, and let's just say it got off to a rough start. I don't know how these full-timers do it. Is there training? I feel like I need shock therapy. Fiona was full of vim and vigor for much of the day, and nearly pestered Rory and me into submission. As I type, there is a large margarita next by my side. Tequila is life-giving.

Third update: Craig is in Arizona doing work for v3 Imaging, with whom he has been working for 2+ years. He left on 26 July (Rory's 5th birthday), and likely won't be back until 8/14. Oy. If only Amazon shipped tequila!

TTY tomorrow!

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