Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween 2009! The girls picked out their costumes months ago - Captain Hook for Rory and the ever-stalking crocodile for Fiona - and they were VERY ready for trick or treating. It was raining here in Herndon, but a little precipitation wasn't going to stop us! Umbrella-free and determined, we went through our entire neighborhood and had a blast. The girls' candy bags got a bit heavy toward the end, and I was left carrying the loot - and what a pile of loot they got. Considering they don't eat candy all that often, I figure it will take them almost until *next* Halloween to finish it off.

Two girls hugging a wacky pumpkin

Captain Hook & the Fearsome Crocodile (tick tock, tick tock!!)

Dadbot & his girls

Chowing down on pirate booty in the back of the car

Happy sugar-laden beasts!

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