Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The shine is back

That is the only word I can conjure to describe the way I feel since last night, when Barack Obama was elected President. Obviously, many wonderful things have happened in the past eight years (despite the pall those years cast): Craig and I got married, we have attended the weddings of many cherished friends, babies have been born (including our own!), exciting sporting events have been attended, amazing concerts seen, and of course - the Red Sox have won two World Series titles.

in light of last night's election results, the world - and everything in it - has a SHINE again. An overwhelming feeling of hope is everywhere (I thought maybe I had forgotten what it felt like!), and I feel proud of our country again. Immensely proud, and curious to see where we will go next.

It was a long, exhausting, emotionally fraught election, and I am glad it is over and we can try to heal as a nation. We have a lot of shingles to nail back onto the house, so let's get going!!

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fasteddy said...

Shine.. Hmmm.. Just watch the video here at youtube -->

Little bit of Euro-Pop 'bout our new American movement..