Friday, August 10, 2007

Fiona eats first real food!

Tonight Fiona ate pureed carrots and cereal, and she... sort of seemed to enjoy it. => She ate some, she dribbled some. She even smeared it into her eyelashes for fun. But overall, she accepted it well, and is hopefully ready to expand her culinary horizons and sample such delicious fares as peas, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, and pears.

Compared to Rory's first attempts at "solid" food, Fiona's first meal was a breeze. We tried to feed Rory plain rice cereal several times between four and six months of age, and she freaked out every time. Then I cracked open a jar of sweet potatoes, and she inhaled it. So there you go. Rice cereal was banished! We didn't even both feeding any to Fiona - we just mixed in some oatmeal cereal with the carrots, and off we went!

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