Saturday, June 2, 2007

Rory's first stage show

Rory sort of experienced her first public performance tonight. Her daycare had a "show" (use the word loosely) in the auditorium of a local church. We put Rory in a cute dress, packed up Fiona, and schlepped over for the festivities.

Rory had had a rough afternoon. She fought her nap, crying for over an hour in her crib before finally passing out, and had not eaten a very big dinner. Not really a healthy combo for public showmanship. When we got to the church and she saw the ladies who run her daycare (women she adores, and talks about all the time), she got extremely clingy with me. No big deal, I kept holding her until it was time for the toddlers to go on stage (their class was going first).

When it was time, I handed Rory to Nureen, one of her teachers, and she immediately started crying. Nureen took her onto the stage and sat her with the other kids, and I went offstage and hid off to one side, so Rory wouldn't see me and freak (more). Rory continued crying on stage and Nureen called me back to get her, and Rory and I went into the hall and walked around. I asked her if it had been scary, she said yes, and I told her she didn't have to do anything that scared her. Then we played in the kitchen and ran around the building having fun.

Twenty minutes later, you couldn't KEEP Rory off the stage. Craig was chasing her around at that point (while I fed Fiona) and she kept rushing the stage screaming "twinkle twinkle little star!" at the top of her lungs - the very song her class performed. Once used to the room and all the people, she was raring to go. Craig said she tried to get up on stage more than five times, and he was amazed that I couldn't hear Rory singing. Hah!

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